A Drummer's Diary

Stereotypes and clichés in the fabulous world of percussion? WHAT? No way! Maybe? In our debut program A Drummer’s Diary, we – the up-and-coming percussion group Phildrumonic – want to answer this question. From desk work and finding a suitable pastime to wild party nights, classical concerts and our common Sunday habit (no, it’s not going to church) arising from the traditional rural musical societies – all this is on our agenda. So, this is what percussionists do day after day? Come and find it out together with us. We promise it will be…


The band

After rehearsals, small 188 cm Flo likes to chill with a good drop of grape juice or beer. In the orchestra, a solo “Gin-Bum” does not ruffle him and so he enchants his audience with his drumbeats, but occasionally also with his stunning appearance in a dress. Florian always brings along a big portion of motivation and constantly demonstrates that he has a “drumstick” loose. Our Florian Johannes David Pöttler, probably the “most sacred” percussionist on earth, proves that Styrian blood is no raspberry juice.
In every ensemble, there is somebody who musically and technically distinguishes himself from others. That holds true for this young man. There always needs to be somebody like him who keeps a clear head even during the fastest moves on the mallets, who is spared from blackouts and makes the other group members laugh thanks to his professionalism. In short: Michael Berger a genuine “Jogllandler” with his heart in the right place and music in his veins.
A storybook Genius Insanae hides behind the name Alessandra Mariella Reiner. Neither all-time classics, modern literature, coffee cups, woks nor two or six drumsticks – nothing seems to be too weird for this mastermind. Not only does best amber nectar flow through the veins of this Upper Styrian percussionist but also lots of rhythm and pure Styrian iron, which directs her to the right channels at all times.
Drums tremble and cymbals shudder when she cuts the air with her drumsticks sending a groove tornado through the audience. But don’t be afraid! Nobody’s hurt except for the sticks and the drum set, maybe. Teresa Müllner creates infectious rhythms as well as dreamy tunes and adds a red-golden brilliance to the percussion quintet due to her origins in Burgenland.
With his motions along the marimba, he is never off track, neither does he lose the beat after an overindulgence of Schilcher nor slips on a trail of pumpkin seed oil. In short: Paul Lorenz Koch, an authentic (West-) Styrian lad with heart, soul and the best vibes.